VIDEO: Hydrogen fuel station comes to MIRA

Octopus Hydrogen, Octopus Renewables and MIRA Technology Park is to develop a green refuelling forecourt providing hydrogen and EV charging on site at MIRA Technology Park near Nuneaton.

The self-contained facility will both create the hydrogen and fuel vehicles, to support the needs of MIRA – the fastest-growing cluster of automotive and mobility technology businesses.

Octopus’ solution brings together the group’s hydrogen business focused on providing green hydrogen-as-a-service to accelerate adoption alongside Octopus Renewables, who will supply power from a purpose-built 7MW ground-mounted solar array located alongside the forecourt at MTP.

MTP is home to 40 global zero-carbon mobility companies, with a growing number focused on fuel cell technology, and many others seeking to incorporate a green hydrogen solution into their array of different motive power options. On-site green hydrogen supply will catalyse the momentum of the cluster that has recently seen new tenancies announced from companies including REE and Viritech – with the latter exclusively focused on the development of hydrogen technologies.

Octopus’ new on-site generation will supply MIRA Technology Park’s businesses with sufficient green hydrogen to support the equivalent of 60 cars’ worth of fuel per day. On the forecourt, a number of high-power EV chargers delivering up to 300kW will also be installed to build on the existing network of over 70 charging points already onsite at MIRA Technology Park.

William Rowe, Founder and CEO of Octopus Hydrogen, said, “Transport is responsible for a third of all man-made carbon emissions in the UK, and while we are making headway in electrifying cars, we need hydrogen to clean up those sectors that cannot be decarbonised through batteries alone. MIRA Technology Park’s customers are at the forefront of this revolution in sustainable transport and we are delighted to be bringing Octopus Energy Groups capabilities together to deliver both onsite solar electricity and green hydrogen production and refuelling.”

“The integrated green hydrogen and EV charging station is the best representation of the complementary nature of these technologies. This is the first deliverable in our future plans with MIRA Technology Park that includes the ambition to bring liquid hydrogen refuelling on stream in the future.”

Jack Bartlett, Head of Commercial & Partnerships at MIRA Technology Park, said, “The infrastructure that Octopus is bringing to MTP will be another great enabler for our customers and the engineers at HORIBA MIRA to accelerate the development and adoption of clean, green hydrogen technologies to power the way society will move. This new capability meshes neatly into our wider post-carbon energy and electrification competencies and will add yet more momentum to the calibre of mobility technology companies that are electing to make MIRA Technology Park their home.”

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