So, why diesels?

Mark Self has dropped me a line, after reading our ULEZ/CAZ extravaganza, highlighting the machinations of operators over the route to Euro 6.
Aiming leftfield, Mark points out that, while diesel cars now garner the kind of reaction once reserved for dog mess, their petrol equivalents are regarded as ‘clean,’ simply because NOx and particulate emissions are much lower.
Of course, governments are still trying to gloss over the fact that the reason half the public drives an oil-burner is because they were told to by, er, governments. It now seems that the zeal for reducing CO2 output is now on the environmental back burner, and it’s all about the haze which hangs over cities, choking children.
So while people like me, eking out the lifetime carbon cost of a diesel car, face a future in which the furthest we can go will be the end of our driveways, Clarkson and other millionaires can rip up the Tarmac in a V12 with impunity. I exaggerate, but you’d think from the new fatwah that petrol car exhausts emit butterflies and quinoa.
So, Mark Self not unreasonably asks, why aren’t the bus and coach makers offering a petrol-power alternative? Back in the days of carburetors and drip-fed diesels, there was an mpg argument but that has vanished; 100bhp cars are now achieving 50mpg, whatever they sup.
So, I’m all ears. Why not? Letters to the editor… as long as those letters are not CDi or TD

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