Conti to ‘digitalise’ all its bus tyres

Continental is to be the first manufacturer to fit all of its bus tyres with digital sensors.

The Conti Urban bus tyre will get the latest-generation sensors to monitor pressure, temperature and wear. The Conti Urban HA3, Conti UrbanScandinavia HA3+ and Conti UrbanScandinavia HD3 smart tyres will be available in August 2023.

Kalyan Yalamanchili

The bus industry is facing many challenges, says Conti. Passenger numbers are likely to rise due to various policy measures, the shortage of drivers is set to increase many times over, and there is growing pressure on companies to switch to alternative drive systems and digitalise their fleets: “We help our customers to successfully deal with these increasing demands using digital solutions such as the intelligent Conti Urban tyre,” says Kalyan Yalamanchili, Head of Digital Solutions at Continental Tires EMEA. “Thanks to our App, ContiConnect On-Sitem and our Conti Urban tyre family, customers are able to retrieve tyre data very easily and conveniently from a smartphone via Bluetooth.”

The various ContiConnect digital solutions are a major advantage for efficient fleet management. “We make sure that our tyres offer energy-efficient operation and a long life, as well as facilitating predictive maintenance,” explains Yalamanchili. Smart tyres like the Conti Urban make tyre maintenance simple, convenient and effective. “By incorporating the new Conti Urban tyre into our ContiConnect 2.0 digital tyre management solution, we are helping coach and local public transport operators to offer a reliable, efficient and eco-friendly mobility network.

“Operational reliability, longer tyre life and good utilisation of vehicle capacity are also a great help in lowering carbon emissions and increasing fleet sustainability. At the same time, digital tyre management makes it possible to minimise real-life fleet costs, in keeping with Continental’s holistic consultancy approach of Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC).

The tyre sensors transmit live data on tyre temperature, pressure and predicted mileage via Bluetooth. Fleet management then accesses this data using a stationary Yard Reader station or telematics units. If any data anomalies are detected, immediate action can be taken.

The intelligent Conti Urban tyres can help to reduce vehicle breakdowns and downtime, lower carbon emissions and cut costs. This creates the optimum conditions for carrying satisfied passengers through cities aboard well-utilised buses in an environmentally sound manner and continuing to be a successful transport operator in the future.

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