Wrightbus adds new features to telemetry offering

New features have been added to WrightbusWB UPTIME 365 telemetry package.

WB UPTIME 365, which was launched at the ITT Hub show in Farnborough in 2021, was created to provide real-time feedback on performance, maintenance and CO2 savings. Capable of working across the bus sector as well as other sectors, WB UPTIME 365 is a single sign-on system that can monitor and improve uptime on new EV and Hydrogen products, as well as new and old diesel products up to 15 years old.

Its new features include Live Energy Dashboards and an innovative machine-learning AI system. The AI-based system provides real-time predictive data analysis and can alert operators when a bus needs preventive intervention. It is backed up by the company’s support and repair service.

More improvements to the system coming later this year included route playback facilities to examine where ‘out of normal’ events happened and why; charge station interaction showing rates of charge and completion in real-time and any charging issues; ticket system integration; and driver monitoring.

“We are now in a position to expand the product out across non-Wrightbus vehicles” – Ian Gillot, MD of parts and service at Wrightbus

Ian Gillot, MD of parts and service at Wrightbus, said: “Wrightbus constantly leads the field when it comes to development, and WB UPTIME 365 has been no exception. The system has been constantly improving and evolving over the past 12 months to ensure it delivers the very best data to our customers.

“One of the most exciting developments has been the advancement of the system’s AI functions. Thanks to the large amount of data we’ve collected over the past 12 months, we are in a position to predict component failures before they occur, which will be invaluable to our customers.

“We are now in a position to expand the product out across non-Wrightbus vehicles, including buses, vans and lorries, which is incredibly exciting.”

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