Westport’s new optimised dual fuel engine

Engineering company, Westport Innovations, has unveiled its new Westport gas enhanced methane diesel technology (Westport GEMDi), which it claims is a significant breakthrough on dual fuel performance. Westport GEMDi technology enables engine OEMs to offer a fully integrated, high performance engine optimised for dual fuel operation. It was co-developed with Tata Motors on its next generation 5L engine that is targeted for medium-duty trucks and buses in India. Its creators claim this technology provides fuel flexibility, ideal for regions where natural gas infrastructure is emerging, such as India, and is designed to meet Euro4 and 5 emissions standards. A dual fuel engine typically relies on conventional diesel engine hardware. Modifications allow operation with natural gas fuel, which is introduced at low pressure and mixed with the intake air. Diesel fuel is added directly into the combustion chamber near the end of compression stroke and is used to ignite a lean mixture of natural gas and air, meaning no spark plugs are required.

Head of Power Systems Engineering, ERC of Tata Motors, Rajendra Petkar, said, ‘Natural gas trucks and buses are gaining traction in India as national natural gas fuelling infrastructure continues to develop. With Westport GEMDi technology, we are pioneering the next generation natural gas product that will be efficient, economic, and flexible in fuel, enhancing customers’ driving range.’


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