Video shows Thermo-fogging in action

A video has been launched demonstrating how Thermo-fogging equipment at work on one of Rotala’s fleet.

As its bus and coach subsidiaries move towards resuming full service, Rotala has invested in Thermo-fogging disinfection equipment at each of its depots.

All Rotala’s operating depots will be implementing a daily disinfection regime intended to be efficient, effective and certified to guarantee that every bus begins its daily service completely sanitised and virus free. By using Ionic Systems’ Thermo-fogging equipment, Rotala aims to be able both to meet a number of operational needs and customer concerns. With so many buses and so little time, disinfection has to be undertaken quickly and cost effectively. By ‘Thermo-fogging’, Rotala says the entire bus can be sanitised in under three minutes. The volumising technique used to distribute the approved disinfectant into the complete airspace within the bus should ensure there is no hiding place for the virus to exist. The fine mist that settles on every surface at every angle is designed to remain effective against both COVID-19, as well as other viruses and bacteria, for more than 24 hours. Even airborne viruses can be killed during the process.

Patrick Whittaker, UK Sales Manager for Ionic Systems, UK manufacturer of cleaning and disinfection equipment, said: “We are proud to be associated with Rotala, the first UK public transport company to have invested in Thermo-fogging daily disinfection. Rotala’s staff are fully trained and certified in disinfection fogging and use only the approved Covid-19 disinfectant that is also fabric friendly and safe to use.”

CEO for Rotala Plc, Simon Dunn added: “Public transport is an essential service that meets many social, economic and environmental needs. This investment shows Rotala’s clear commitment to passenger and driver safety and is a clear signal that it is possible for proactive operators to take measures to assure the public that it is safe to use public transport and give them the confidence to do so.”

  • See the video of Thermo-fogging in action here.

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