Report calls for world leading transport post-pandemic

Campaign for Better Transport has published a report outlining how the transport system can be transformed as part of a recovery programme following the pandemic.

Entitled ‘COVID-19 Recovery: Renewing the Transport System’, the report shows how the transport network could be changed to create jobs, tackle social exclusion, improve the environment and people’s health, and aid economic recovery. It calls for 100% zero-emission road transport and railway; permanent improvements to sustain greater levels of walking and cycling; and changes to the way transport is paid for, including new means to raise revenue.

The report suggests ensuring local authorities and bus operators work together to re-plan bus provision, with better integrated, multi-modal networks. It also advises requiring local transport authorities to produce plans linked to future government funding to permanently reshape local transport networks around active travel, shared and public transport.

In response to the report, a statement from the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) said: “Bus operators across the country have worked constructively with local authorities throughout the pandemic to provide the bus networks needed and we are committed to continuing this approach beyond the end of the pandemic.

“A long term funding settlement for buses and practical measures on the ground to tackle road congestion and boost priority for buses are essential to provide the right environment for more bus use and deliver a green recovery. Evidence from across the country has also shown that bus operators, working in partnership with local authorities, have the skills and knowledge to ensure speedy and efficient use of funding to deliver a sustainable bus network that benefits passengers.

“Buses are central to the recovery of local economies, communities and the environment of towns and cities across the country coming out of COVID-19. With car use already at around 80% pre-Covid levels and studies indicating a million more cars on the road is likely, we risk increasing congestion and air pollution unless we can move away from an ‘avoid’ message to emphasise travelling safely on buses and avoiding the peak.”

  • The full report can be read here.

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