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Bus and Coach Buyer’s ever-popular Photo Friday is back, but with a new fortnightly schedule.

A staple of Bus and Coach Buyer has been our Photo Friday competition. Entrants have stunned us with their images of coaches and buses out and about on various adventures, posed in fantastic locations or even just looking beautiful in the yard.

We miss those pictures and wanted to bring them back. However, to reflect the fact we are publishing every fortnight rather than weekly for the time being, we are renaming the competition Photo Fortnightly.

As before, entries are made by replying to the post for the competition on our Facebook page.

“This is your chance to be a beacon of hope for the UK bus and coach family”

But there is one difference. We want to encourage hope in the industry during a difficult time. We want to see your fleet out working, showing there is light at the end of the tunnel, the potential for a return to business as usual. We understand that not everyone has wheels turning again; but instead of this section being a wounding experience for those operators who are not yet back out on the roads, we want it to be inspiring. With each entry, give us a nice comment encouraging fellow operators, showing them the potential for future business. This is your chance to be a beacon of hope for the UK bus and coach family.

The top three entrants will be announced in the next issue of the magazine.

  • Send us pictures of your vehicles out working here for a chance to win. The deadline for entries is Friday 16 October.

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