An Oxford experience

A recent trip to Oxford set me thinking, is this one of the politest places in the country? I used the park and ride service from Peartree and another service across the city. On each journey, all the passengers thanked the driver as they got off, a level of appreciation which must have a positive impact on the driver’s performance. Its perhaps all the more remarkable in that for many years, dual door buses were the norm in Oxford and there was no driver passenger interface when leaving the bus.

The park and ride service together with high parking charges obviously helps keep traffic off the inner city roads and it felt rather strange on the return journey to see the main thoroughfares to the north of the city centre almost empty save for a couple of vehicles including one of Stagecoach’s recently upgraded X5 service Plaxton Elites. The only noticeable downside to the park and ride is the quality of ride at times, it’s not a problem of the ADL Enviro 400 hybrids on the service but the design and condition of the road. Three lanes are squeezed in, one being a bus lane either inbound or outbound as is most effective for the location. There is a notable camber and regular uneven drain covers amongst other deficiencies that have to be run over to keep within the lane. So it’s a bit bouncy but nonetheless regular, quick and reliable.

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