Off-road bus gets updated version

Off-road bus manufacturer TORSUS is unveiling the next generation of its flagship bus, PRAETORIAN.

Named after the elite Roman guard unit, the vehicle is in its third generation. The latest version of the 35-passenger capacity PCV has more than 50 technical updates and options. It features an 8.7m polymer body and a six-cylinder MAN diesel engine coupled to a 12-speed Tipmatic ZF AS-Tronic transmission and heavy-duty 4×4 off-road drivetrain.

The new model has an extensively uprated chassis and suspension system. Uprated silent blocks, the name given to the bespoke, heavy-duty, semi-spherical rubber pillows that support the brackets providing the connection between the vehicle’s MAN chassis and the superstructure, have been upgraded. The new silent blocks have been designed to provide better comfort and articulation and keep road noise and vibration to a minimum.

The PRAETORIAN is further supported by the introduction of new mounting points for the superstructure floor, which are intended to enhance rigidity to give passengers a more relaxed travelling experience.

TORSUS has equipped the PRAETORIAN with huge 19.5-inch brake discs on the front and rear axle.

During the redesign, the TORSUS engineering team took the opportunity to fully re-evaluate all of the PRAETORIAN’s electrical systems and introduced new electrical insulation to ensure more efficient, seamless integration with the original MAN chassis wiring.

Production of the third-generation PRAETORIAN TG3 has already commenced, and the vehicle is already in service in markets such as Spain, Germany and Ukraine. Pricing starts from £192,112. The MAN chassis and powertrain are fully warranted and serviceable by all MAN suppliers anywhere in the world.

“The technology also renders it intuitive and effortless to control, which in turn makes for ease of operator training” – Tomas Micuda, TORSUS Technical Manager

Tomas Micuda, TORSUS Technical Manager, said: “Following feedback from our customers around the globe and a 20-month R&D programme, we have added a complete front air suspension assembly between the chassis and the superstructure for the first time. This provides a higher level of compensation for the weight of the front portion of the superstructure and gives the TORSUS even greater control, composure and safety, no matter how rough the terrain gets.

“At the rear, the leaf springs found on the previous PRAETORIAN have been replaced by a new air suspension system on the latest model. That amps up the comfort levels for passengers, improves agility and gives the driver even more freedom to utilise the fully potential of the MAN diesel engine to bolster the PRAETORIAN’s ability to cross terrain that drivers of any other off-road vehicle would never even dare to approach.

“We have also introduced a special algorithm that benefits vehicles with a high gravity point, such as the PRAETRORIAN TG3. This significantly reduces the ‘top heavy’ feel of the bus, especially off-road. This deep level of engineering provides a safe and highly composed feel that makes it easy to control the PRAETORIAN, despite its considerable size and high-power output. The technology also renders it intuitive and effortless to control, which in turn makes for ease of operator training.”

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