Inquiry demanded after bus-driver father’s death

Leshie Chandrapala, whose bus-driver father died of COVID-19, has demanded the government launches a public inquiry into COVID-19 deaths of bus drivers in England.

Leshie took to Twitter, saying: “I call on you Boris Johnson to launch a public inquiry into COVID-19 deaths of bus drivers in England. My sweet Dad died because your Government did not lockdown soon enough and because his working conditions were unsafe. My family need answers.”

In a tweet aimed at Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, Leshie posted a photo of her father, along with the message: “This is my sweet Dad; Greesman ‘Ranjith’ Chandrapala. He died age 64 on Sunday at Ealing ICU; his body ravished by COVID-19. He was a key worker and drove the 92 bus up until 19 April. Will you acknowledge his ultimate sacrifice and that of other bus drivers like him?”

Leshie’s demands follow the publishing of a report by the UCL Institute of Health Equity, which said death rates from the virus among bus drivers in London exceeded death rates for London as a whole in the majority of weeks from early April to early May.

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