Glasgow exploring all options for bus governance

Bus franchising and BSIP among options to be explored

Glasgow City Council is currently focusing on exploring all options for bus governance. Among the options are franchising and a Bus Service Improvement Partnership (BSIP).

A paper from the Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Committee states the Council will continue to explore alternative options for bus governance in Glasgow in line with the options laid out in the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019. These are the formation of a municipal bus company, the development of a bus franchising system and development of a statutory Bus Service Improvement Partnership (BSIP).

The Council is to embark on work to explore a business case that seeks to take advantage of both franchising and municipal bus operations governance options. It cites a report that says it could take £4-15m to build a business case for franchising by a local transport authority.

Another of the Council’s aims is to start discussions on a BSIP via the Glasgow Bus Partnership in the interim.

“Through our transport strategy we are committed to achieving world-class public transport for all users in Glasgow” – Glasgow City Council spokesperson

A council spokesperson said: “Through our transport strategy we are committed to achieving world-class public transport for all users in Glasgow and for the system to be integrated and accessible to encourage greater patronage and a reduced reliance on car.

“Subject to committee approval and once elements of the relevant legislation are enacted, we are proposing to seek funding to explore how city bus services could be operated in the future, whilst also moving forward in the interim on discussions on the potential development of a statutory partnership that can establish a range of service standards that benefit bus passengers.”

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