Driver CPC to stay despite Brexit

Despite the UK seemingly on the path to leave the EU, the government has made a commitment to keep the requirement of the Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) for PCV and lorry drivers. Currently, professional drivers, with some exceptions, must pass an initial CPC test (unless they have acquired rights), valid for five years, and undergo 35 hours of periodic training every five years.

An amendment has been made to the legislation surrounding Driver CPC. The changes are to adjust such language and references to recognise the UK is no longer a member State of the EU. This is to eliminate any ambiguity when the country leaves the block, but otherwise maintains the DCPC regime intact in the UK.

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3 thoughts on “Driver CPC to stay despite Brexit

  1. David Williams says:

    With the industry already struggling with driver shortages, continuing this stealth tax on our industry is only going to add to the long term problems. I know many semi-retired PCV drivers who haven’t renewed their CPC due the cost to themselves. The training itself is a pointless exercise with drivers sometimes sitting the same module three times just to achieve the 35 hours!

  2. John payne says:

    I am a retired bus coach driver with more than 56years in the industry and have attended this eu CPC course in my opinion this does not make you a better driver l have also attended bus companies own in house courses defensive driving which surely makes more sense etc the EU CPC is costing companies far too much money they can I’ll afford what with all the bus cuts the local councils imposing on bus companies so it’s time to relieve them all from this burden

  3. John payne says:

    CPC is an unnecessary burden and expense to operaters which can and has been done in-house courses thousands of pounds is being spent they can. I’ll afford would go to their operating costs the industry is struggling due to cut backs from local authorities l have 56years experience and still have to cover a cpc

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