Coach Hire Comparison says coaches the answer during rail strikes

Co-founder of coach booking website Coach Hire Comparison, James Stokes, is arguing the benefits of coach travel as more strikes on the rail network take place.

James commented on the situation, saying: “Given the challenges, it is important to explore alternative modes of transport that can address the shortcomings of train travel.

“By doing so, we’re able to rethink our approach to public transport and consider how we can better serve the travelling public.”

On scrutinising train travel, James focuses on the issue of what he describes as frequent strikes and service disruptions. This, he highlights, is impacted by rising rail fares and environmental concerns of operating trains.

James said: “This scrutiny has highlighted the need for more sustainable modes of transport, prompting many to consider options like coach travel, which have significantly improved in reducing their environmental impact through more efficient engines and cleaner technologies.”

He lists greater reliability, cost-effectiveness and an environmentally friendly nature to the list of benefits of travelling by coach. He also notes the flexibility and direct routes with coaches, eliminating the need for transfers.

James added: “Given the persistent challenges with train travel in the UK, it’s clear that coaches provide a compelling alternative that addresses many of commuters’ frustrations. With their modern amenities, enhanced comfort, and flexible routing, coaches offer a solution that not only meets but often exceeds the needs of today’s travellers.”

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