Census reveals 14.5% commute by PCV in Oxford

Census data has revealed that 14.5% of Oxford residents commute to work by bus, minibus or coach. This was even the case during the pandemic.

This is significantly more than across Oxfordshire where, during the pandemic, 20.8% commuted by active travel (walking, cycling, etc) and 5.6% by bus, and England, where 14.2% commuted by active travel and 6.2% by bus.

The number of Oxford residents who commuted to work by driving a car or van is significantly lower in Oxford (38.2%) than across Oxfordshire (64.7%) and England (65%).

The 2011 Census showed that 66.5% of households in Oxford own at least one car or van. This is significantly lower than in Oxfordshire (82.5%) and England (74.2%). The 2021 Census data for this area is expected to be released in January.

The data comes from the Census that took place in March 2021. At the time, a ‘stay at home’ rule was in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Making buses faster

Oxford City Council is working with Oxfordshire County Council to introduce a trial of traffic filters on six streets in Oxford. The filters aim to reduce traffic levels and congestion, make buses faster and more reliable, and make cycling and walking safer and more pleasant.

The new Census data shows that 53.6% of Oxford’s residents aged 16 and over were economically active and in employment. This is lower than the number for England (57.4%), but this is likely because 26.9% of Oxford’s population aged 16 and over are students, compared to 10% across Oxfordshire and 7.9% across England.

The percentage of those aged 16 and over who are retired in Oxford (12%) is also lower than for Oxfordshire as a whole (19.9%) and England as a whole (21.5%).

Combined together into industries, the data shows that 23.4% of Oxford residents work in education, 19% work in human health and social work activities, 9.4% work in professional, scientific and technical activities, and 9.3% work in wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles

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