BCA claim progress in complaint to EU

The Bus and Coach Association (BCA) has issued a newsletter updating the industry on its complaint to the EU regarding UK’s implementation of transport regulations and the provision of state aid, particularly in respect of derogations to the CT sector. BCA refer to a meeting held at DfT in September where DfT sought a second legal opinion on the BCA complaint reporting that, ‘The barrister’s clear view is that these derogations given are unsustainable when road transport organisations take payment or tender for work in competition with other road transport organisations and also that Ministers could take up to six months to go to the EU Commission with a list of actions to remove the threat of infraction proceedings.’

BCA say the latter is not the case and that it is, ‘aware that infraction proceedings have already been issued to the UK authorities regarding its failure to implement the 1071 EC Regulation’ with further infraction proceedings to follow. EU procedures give the UK eight weeks to reply and eight weeks to implement before the Commission starts proceedings in the European Court. BCA also notes that the UK interpretation of non-for-profit equalling non-commercial is not accepted by the EU Commission. The outcome of any proceedings could have the potential to drive significant change, delivering a BCA objective of levelling the playing field for small
commercial operators.

Further information on BCA is available at www.busandcoachassociation.org.

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