Advice: social distancing on coaches from UKCOA

Director of Administration at the UKCOA, Peter Bradley has offered the following advice on social distancing onboard coaches:


“The driver should alight and socially distance from the passengers intending to board. They should wear a mask if medically able to do so when passengers are boarding and alighting. Passengers should also be wearing masks unless they are medically exempt. Passengers should board the coach with those sitting at the back first and those at the front last.”

Seating arrangements

“For passengers travelling alone, they should sit in the window seat, and the seat adjacent to the corridor should be left vacant. All window seats can be occupied.

“For passengers travelling with a member of their household or someone in their ‘bubble’, they can sit together, one in the window seat, the other in the seat adjacent to the corridor. Ideally the seat directly on the other side of the corridor should be vacant.

“In this way assuming 50% of those booking are travelling with a member or their household or bubble and 50% are travelling alone, you could have a load factor of up to a maximum of 75% of the normal carrying capacity of the coach.

“Passengers should remain in their seat for the duration of the journey, unless it is absolutely necessary to move. They can speak with the person sitting beside them, but should look forward as much as possible. They should not be encouraged to speak with other passengers on the coach for the duration of the journey.”


“The driver should secure the coach, wear a face mask and alight. Passengers should then alight, with those in the front first and working back with those in the very rear seats alighting last.

“This is a guide only based on the interpretation of the current guidance as known.”

  • For more on the issue of seating arrangements while social distancing is in place, see the news section of the next issue of Bus and Coach Buyer (issue 1583, 12 March 2021). It can be viewed here.

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