ADL to build PSVAR-compliant Leopards

Alexander Dennis Ltd (ADL) is to build wheelchair-accessible Plaxton Leopards complying with PSVAR requirements as stock. This is in addition to PSVAR-compliant versions of all Plaxton coach models when built to order, including a new side-lift option on the Plaxton Panther.

The Leopard is now to be built with side-mounted lifts in an effort to ensure it still remains a competitive option for use on school hire contracts. The coach seats 57 in 2+2 configuration or 70 when built to high-capacity 2+3 layout.

PSVAR-compliant Leopard stock will be ready from the spring. Although the first 18 examples have already been sold, ADL says strong availability remains from May onwards with vehicles completed throughout the year.

When built to order, all models in the Plaxton coach range continue to be available in versions meeting PSVAR standards. Choice is further improved with the new option of a side-mounted lift on the 12.8m Plaxton Panther. The first five have been sold for delivery in the autumn and orders are being taken for configurations of 53 seats plus toilet or a fully-seated version for 59 passengers.

Plaxton now offers 11 accessible coaches across its entire model range:

  • Plaxton Leopard, 12.8m B8R – side lift, 57 or 70 seats
  • Plaxton Leopard, 12.8m B8R – twin exit doors with staircase lift, 49 seats
  • Plaxton Panther, 12.6m B11R – staircase lift, 49 (with toilet) or 53 seats
  • Plaxton Panther, 12.8m B8R – side lift, 53 (with toilet) or 59 seats
  • Plaxton Panther LE, 14.6m B8RLE – manual ramp, 53 seats
  • Plaxton Elite, 12.6m B11R – staircase lift, 49 (with toilet) or 53 seats
  • Plaxton Elite, 14m B11R – staircase lift, 57 seats (with toilet)
  • Plaxton Elite, 15m B11R – staircase lift, 61 seats (with toilet)
  • Plaxton Elitei, 13.8m B11R – manual ramp, 63 seats (with toilet)
  • Plaxton Elitei, 15m B11R – manual ramp, 75 seats (with toilet)
  • Plaxton Panorama, 14.5m B11RLE – manual ramp at entrance or exit door, 87 (with toilet) or 90 seats

Plaxton’s General Manager Coach Sales, Simon Wood, said: “Building our coaches right here in Britain gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to market demands and tailor specifications to our customers’ requirements. We offer PSVAR-compliant versions of all of our coach models when built to order, as well as a strong programme of accessible Plaxton Leopard stock ready to go straight into service from the spring.”

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