CV Show sneak peek

Upcoming CV Show exhibitors gather to announce what they will be displaying and promoting

With a 10% larger footprint than last year’s edition, the Commercial Vehicle Show 2017 is set to be even bigger, attracting over 450 exhibitors. The free to attend trade event takes place at the NEC, Birmingham, from 25 to 27 April. A press event featuring some of the exhibitors was held recently, giving a preview of some of the things that will be there.
Chris Peat attended to find out more.

World firsts

What is being heralded as a world first is to be displayed at the show by Jimmy Beam Downlights Ltd (JBDL), an ‘all in one’ side marker with downlight unit. It can be installed on the extreme outer sides of a bus or coach and is not required to be taken into account when determining the width of the vehicles, according to the company. The side marker light will completely flash on and off when the indicators are applied as per Revision 5 Regulation 48 that came out in January 2017. The light has three functions, the first being when the driver activates the vehicle light switch for the lights to come on. The second is for the downlights to flash on the appropriate side when the indicator is engaged. Lastly, the slow speed function offers a downlight footprint along the sides of the vehicle, as a suggested ‘keep clear’ area for vulnerable road users to be aware when the vehicle is stationary or moving no faster than 15kph in stop/start traffic.

Electric first

Mellor Coachcraft’s Orion E electric minibus is to debut at the show, exhibited on Eberspächer’s stand.

Mellor Coachcraft’s Orion E electric minibus is to debut at the show, exhibited on Eberspächer’s stand.

Another world first at the show will be the ‘global launch’ on climate control specialist Eberspächer’s stand of Mellor Coachcraft’s Orion E electric minibus. The vehicle is thought to be the world’s first single step entry, fully low floor, electric minibus. With a fully flexible interior layout option, the minibus uses an electric front wheel drive system with an electric drive and gearbox in the engine bay. This, combined with independent trailing arm suspension, allows for a large and completely flat floor space that can be fitted out to suit all manner of customer seating and wheelchair needs. An Eberspächer bespoke PTC high voltage electrically powered heater with water pump and control system is installed.

A Stanford Coachworks Renault Master will appear on the Eberspächer stand.

Mellor’s electric minibus is not the only vehicle on Eberspächer’s stand, as also making an appearance will be Stanford Coachworks’ LWB nine seat Renault Master fitted with an Eberspächer Airtronic D2 heater and air conditioning unit. Additionally, on behalf of London Hire, Stanford is to bring a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter fitted with an Airtronic D2 offering up to 4kW heat output in high power mode.

Other vehicles on its stand are to include TBC Conversions’s Volkswagen Crafter LWB Maxi minibus model, fitted with an Airtronic D2, in addition to a Treka Bus converted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter fitted with a Kiev water climate system.


Continental Automotive is to display the latest in its tachograph technology.

Continental Automotive is to display the latest in its tachograph technology.

Continental Automotive will be showcasing a number of new products at this year’s show. One is the VDO Digital Tachograph 3.0, the new generation Digital Tachograph, which is set to become the pre-cursor to the smart tachograph in 2019. Being displayed for the first time at the show, it features greater functionality and more integration with app technology. Further products on display include VDO Fleet Visor for vehicle tracking, tracing and route planning and VDO TIS-Web 4.8 and VDO TIS-Web Motion, a system designed for greater connectivity between the vehicle, driver and fleet manager. The latter is designed to make tachograph legislation laws easier and quicker to adhere to than in previous years. In addition to tachograph and telematics products, Continental Automotive will also be promoting its BM14200 in-ground and BM20200 mobile brake testers with full DVSA approval including tachograph calibration options.

Continental Tyres is to promote its ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Continental Tyres is to promote its ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

On the Continental Tyres side, the business is to use its presence at the CV Show to highlight its operational solutions, designed to help inform fleets, put efficiency and safety first and provide a complete service to complement its range of tyres. ContiPressureCheck, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), as a standalone system or with full telematics integration, is further developed this year. It is rolling out the group’s ContiYardReader TPMS system this summer, which allows fleet managers to monitor tyre pressures automatically for all vehicles in the yard. This is intended to add further accuracy to fleet maintenance and help to prevent costly tyre breakdowns. The group will also highlight how it is further developing its operator services, including the growth of the Conti360º Fleet Services network which includes ContiFitmentService; ContiFleetCheck; ContiBreakdownService; ContiCasingManagement and ContiFleetReporting. This national service programme now features over 100 Conti360° Fleet Service network partners across the UK and Ireland, with over 400 service points and over 300 REACT trained technicians. The network offers national and regional fleet customers excellent national breakdown coverage and rapid response times averaging less than an hour with flexible packages tailored to the needs of the fleet, including tyre management advice. A selection of Continental’s range of commercial vehicle tyres will, of course, be on show.

MAN with a van

As well as a new truck, the other highlight of MAN’s presence at the show will be the UK debut of its TGE van. Representing a foray into new territory for the manufacturer, Product Marketing Manager – Van, Nick Handy, said it could be used for minibus conversion. It comes in six gross vehicle weights: 3.0, 3.5, 3.88, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.5 tonnes. A new generation of diesel engines have been specifically designed for the vehicle, which is available in four different power outputs: 102 PS, 122 PS, 140 PS and 177 PS, delivering torques of 280 Nm, 300 Nm, 340 Nm and 410 Nm respectively.

MANs TGE panel van will be shown, which can be converted into a minibus.

MANs TGE panel van will be shown, which can be converted into a minibus.

The TGE has EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) as standard, along with the Park Steering Assist system, which automatically manoeuvres the vehicle into parallel and bay parking spaces by executing optimal steering movements without the help of the driver. In addition, it can also autonomously steer the vehicle back out of parallel parking spaces. The technology also measures the dimensions of the parking space and determines the necessary starting position, with the driver only having to accelerate and brake. The driver does, however, remain in full control of the vehicle at all times. Side Wall Protection Assist is also included, which monitors the surroundings with 16 ultrasonic sensors and warns of obstructions. MAN will have UK pricing for the vehicle in place for the CV Show. Production for the UK market begins in June with front wheel drive panel vans and chassis cabs, the rear wheel drive product phasing in later this year.

New look

Parma’s new logo.

Parma’s new logo.

Set to launch its new branding and corporate colours at the show will be Parma Group. Marc Pittock of the company said the fresh look is aimed at making its appearance more targeted towards its customers, fleet managers, noting that its original branding designed in 1999 was the result of ‘a small company mindset’, understandable for an enterprise starting out in a garage. As well as a fresh look, it has introduced a new tagline for its marketing: ‘Go Beyond’.

A product Parma is to promote on its stand is the Zafety nut lock. The device pushes onto two adjacent wheel nuts, creating a resistance between the nuts to minimise their ability to turn. It has a slim design, making it possible for them to be fitted beneath wheel covers and nut rings on front axles. Depending on the type of wheel nut fitted, torque checks can be made with them attached and they have been tested to temperature extremes. They are currently being used by two major operators in the UK. Marc said there has been some very good feedback on them, with customers liking the fact they are reusable and strong and durable, as well as being easy to fit. Other products from its range will be displayed too, including the new O-Trim style trim for 22.5inch wheels and its Prolock and Propoint wheel security and a wide selection of wheel trims for different sizes. A trim ring for 19.5inch wheels will be shown, which it says is unique in the market and developed at the request of a major UK bus fleet.

On your bike

Fleet Source is a commercial vehicle fleet training company, which runs courses for bus, coach and other CV operators. It provides its Safe Urban Driving course, which is intended to increase trainees’ awareness of vulnerable road users, a group of people including cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. The day long course (counting towards seven hours of CPC training) has two modules, one being classroom based and the other a more practical experience, seeing trainees head out on pushbikes, providing the driver real life experience of a cyclist’s view. In addition to this, the company has a number of other courses available. It is to welcome visitors to its new stand, where they will have the chance to win one of three prizes, an Apple Watch, £5,000 worth of training or a road bike.


Goodyear is launching its Proactive Solutions operations management package at the show.

Goodyear is launching its Proactive Solutions operations management package at the show.

Proactive Solutions will be launched at the CV Show by Goodyear. This new business offers a suite of vehicle to fleet operations management solutions featuring advanced telematics and predictive analytics technology. Using intelligent computer algorithms, a wealth of data derived from Goodyear’s extensive commercial tyre and service business and clear, accurate reporting, Proactive Solutions allows fleet operators to identify and resolve tyre related and potential safety issues before they happen. There are two families of service, including Proactive Tyre, which offers a broad range of services including tyre pressure, temperature and tread depth monitoring. The other is Proactive Fleet, which incorporates two options: Driver Behaviour and Track and Trace. According to the company, its fleet management solutions result in avoiding up to 75% of tyre related breakdowns, reduce fuel costs by up to €300/£257.14 per vehicle, per month and decreased tyre maintenance costs by up to 70%. The tyre manufacturer has recently achived further success with bus and coach operators, winning over a number of operations that had been with their previous supplier for a significant number of years.


A diagram showing the layout of RHA’s stand at this year’s CV Show.

A diagram showing the layout of RHA’s stand at this year’s CV Show.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is to demonstrate its fleet analysis solutions at the show and display its new ‘Shop’ catalogue. It will be highlighting the changes to its fuel card, which is now available with one of three pricing options designed to suit different operations.

Laser measurement

TreadReader, a tyre tread reading device, is being launched by SigmaVision.

TreadReader, a tyre tread reading device, is being launched by SigmaVision.

One new product on show will be the TreadReader, to be displayed by SigmaVision. The handheld device uses lasers to measure the tread depth of tyres. The unit is passed over the surface of the tread, which generates a 3D tyre depth scan. It is usable even on wet and dirty tyres. Additionally, it is available as a drive over system, with sensors in the ground ready for vehicles to run over it. SigmaVision has also developed a TreadReader App for use with the handheld scanner, enabling readings to be displayed on smartphones or other similar mobile devices. The technology can be integrated into existing workshop or vehicle check management systems.


As the name might suggest, Parksafe Automotive provides parking sensors for commercial vehicles, but in addition to this it also sells various other accessories and systems. One device it is to promote at the show is its new HD DVR (digital video recorder) system, which can provide all round camera surveillance. What sets this system apart from other similar products on the market, according to the company’s National Sales Manager, Paolo De Luca, is the high quality of footage it captures. One of its brands is Silent Witness, cameras designed to protect drivers and operations from spurious insurance claims, intended to provide undisputed evidence.

Software solutions

Software specialist Aquarius IT will be focusing on promoting its ClockWatcher analysis software. Originally introduced in 2005, it provides tachograph analysis software for Drivers’ Hours and the Road Transport Directive in one operation. The latest version of the system is to be demonstrated at the show, which features ESIGN technology, a solution that digitally captures drivers’ signatures on infringement documents via a touchscreen device. Aquarius has also developed a Daily Walk Around Check app, designed to cut down errors or inefficiencies associated with paper based vehicle inspections to ensure safety and compliance. The past four months for Aquarius IT have been ‘phenomenal’, according to Marketing Manager, Liz Haseldon, with the business gaining over 200 fleet customers.


Ultra-Seal, a preventative tyre sealant liquid, is to introduce itself to the UK market at the show. The product was invented to protect tyres from leaks, punctures and blowouts, having been designed to seal most punctures as they happen. It is intended to protect tyres from heat build up, conducting high temperatures away from the tread to the rim to help ensure cooler running tyres. It is also designed to extend tyre life by keeping the air pressure in the tyre and minimising wear, as well as reducing fuel consumption. It should remain effective for the complete life of the tyre, without having to undergo extra maintenance. It has already started to take off elsewhere in Europe, with Schmitz Cargobull and Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG officially starting to fill tyres with Ultra-Seal from the factory.

Modular platform

Kinishi, the company behind the FleetSure telematics service, sent the message out that it is releasing a new modular commercial vehicle platform for its solutions that is ‘tightly integrated’. It offers its enhanced tyre pressure monitoring solution, which allows users to view vehicles’ tyre pressures and temperatures live and be alerted to issues. The company will also be demonstrating its new object detection radar system with fully adjustable detection zone. A configuration option tailors it to different vehicle widths and it has the ability to detect objects from the face of the radar up to 30m away. Multiple sensors can be fitted to achieve 360 degree coverage.

Three decades

Celebrating 30 years at the CV Show will be Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services, the pay on use breakdown operation. All of its services are accessible 24/7 using one telephone number and dedicated call handling services. To celebrate its milestone birthday, the company will be having a racing truck on its stand.

3G cameras

Intelligent Telematics’ IT1000 camera.

Intelligent Telematics’ IT1000 camera.

Showcasing its 3G vehicle camera solutions at the show will be Intelligent Telematics. According to the company, this is the only device of its kind in the fleet marketplace that delivers integrated driver behaviour monitoring and proactive claims management. The business claims this approach is achieving annual savings of up to £400 per vehicle from improved driver coaching and risk management, as well as £1,600 of claim cost savings per third-party collision.

Gaining momentum

Editorial and PR Coordinator at the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), Andrew Knight, said take up of the organisation’s IRTEC accreditation courses are starting to ‘gain momentum’. One new IRTEC licence it is offering is for tyre re-fitting, which accredits technicians for side of road tyre changes.

Even more

The above is just a glimpse of what we already know will be at the CV Show. In the coming weeks, Bus and Coach Buyer will endeavour to bring you details of any further exhibits and innovations to be displayed at the event.


A busy scene from last year’s CV Show. This year’s is set to be even bigger.

A busy scene from last year’s CV Show. This year’s is set to be even bigger.




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