Franchise-friendly update made to Snapper’s Mosaiq software

Snapper Services is today (23 May 2024) unveiling the latest update to its Mosaiq Insights platform, which is designed with franchising in mind. The update has been engineered to promote trust and collaboration between transit authorities and operators, as some look to transition towards bus franchising.

The new feature allows local authority users of Mosaiq Insights to securely invite operators to view their own on-time performance data in the transit analytics tool. Operators can work out of the same platform with private access to their own data to ensure equal insight into performance information across the entire transit network. Authorities can work more closely with service providers to assess KPIs like reliability and punctuality and collaborate with operators to improve performance.

Mosaiq Insights customer West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) is already getting better insights into the performance of over 1,500 buses across its network.

“Mosaiq Insights will be an essential part of our toolkit as we move forward into a franchised future” – Graham Davies, Travel System Manager, WYCA

Graham Davies, Travel System Manager, WYCA, said: “Mosaiq Insights has been able to deliver our network data in a whole new way. As we move to a franchised model, we need to be able to sit around the table with operators and say ‘this is where things are going well, and where things aren’t going so well’. Mosaiq Insights will be an essential part of our toolkit as we move forward into a franchised future.”

As transit authorities like WYCA begin shifting to a franchise model, transparent data insights will be a core pillar for collaboration with operators. With Mosaiq Insights, WYCA and other local authorities can now share these insights with the relevant operators. All of this enables a reliable, punctual public transport system.

“We’ve experienced first-hand what good practice looks like in a franchising environment” – Miki Szikszai, CEO, Snapper Services

Miki Szikszai, CEO, Snapper Services, said: “Franchised networks are characterised by transparency and accountability. The latest update to Mosaiq Insights provides transit authorities and operators the same access to actionable performance data, helping build a collaborative and trusting partnership. All relevant parties can see exactly what is happening with a particular service, shifting the conversation towards how to continuously improve network performance.

“We’ve experienced first-hand what good practice looks like in a franchising environment. We previously supported Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) in New Zealand by delivering accurate insights throughout its transition to a new contract model. Mosaiq Insights empowers transit authorities like GWRC and WYCA with data-driven solutions, making the move towards a franchised network as seamless as possible. For passengers, this means faster action and trusted services that prioritise customer values and needs.”

Snapper Services provides Mosaiq Insights to WYCA alongside Vix Technology.

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